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HIK Industry Solutions

Sophisticated Solutions for demanding industries

Companies of different sizes and classifications rely on HIK solutions. The reason: at HIK they always get the cable system, the mechatronic assembly or the control cabinet solution they need to ensure the quality of their products to meet the expectations of their customers and thus consolidate their position in the market.


Railway Industry

Railway Industry

Verbindungslösungen for more security
on all routes

In an age of advancing digitalisation, the demands of security and reliability of the connecting components used in rail technology and transportation are also increasing

HIK manufactures and supplies cables and conductors specially approved for rail vehicles which meet all current national and international standards and norms, thus ensuring greater safety and reliability in rail transport.

HIK products and services for the rail industry

  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing cable solutions
  • comprehensive support from the planning stage through to series production and service
  • short delivery times through demand-oriented delivery

Electro Mobility

Electro Mobility

Charging Cables for maximum flexibility
at the power outlet

With the advancing electro mobility and the daily growing number of electric vehicles and motorcycles, the need for charging stations or user-friendly charging cables is also increasing, especially in densely populated areas.

HIK offers manufacturers or owners of electric vehicles as well as operators of charging stations and charging parks tailor-made and high performance charging cables for different charging tasks and times.

HIK solutions for E-Mobility

  • different charging cables for the private and industrial sectors
  • individual cable lengths, optimally adapted to your needs
  • outstanding product quality through seamless process monitoring

Machinery and Plant Engineering

Machinery and Plant Engineering

Cable Solutions for leading technologies
in machine and plant construction

Hardly any other German industry is as well known in the world as machinery and plant engineering. And at least as well known are its requirements regarding the versatility and reliability of cable solutions.

HIK develops and manufactures application-specific, easy-to-install and reliable cable solutions for various industrial applications in mechanical and plant engineering and thus makes an important contribution to the worldwide success of machine and plants “Made in Germany”.

HIK Solutions and Products for Machinery and Plant Construction

  • comprehensive product portfolio consisting of cables, conductors and accessories
  • specially developed and tested solutions for extreme environments
  • maximum cost efficiency through digitalised production processes

Energy and Power Plant Technology

Energy and Power Plant Technology

Power cables for more efficiency
in energy transmission

The topics of reliability and efficiency in transmission are at the top of the list of requirements for companies in the power generation and distribution industry that they place on their cable suppliers.

HIK has unique know-how in the field of power transmission and has been working successfully for companies in the energy industry for many years. Our modern production facility and permanent quality control guarantee reliable and efficient cable solutions.

HIK cable solutions for companies in the power supply sector

  • comprehensive product range consisting of cables, conductors and accessories
  • product and process support services
  • rapid delivery capability through customised logistic concepts

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

System Solutions for greater security
and efficiency.

Everyone is talking about the energy revolution and a whole branch of industry is working on converting wind, water and solar energy into electrical energy. This calls for experienced and competent partners who can make their contribution to sustainable success in all phases of project implementation.

In cooperation with its sister company HIS Renewables GmbH, HIK has been developing and manufacturing high-quality components and systems for years. As a development and manufacturing partner, we support implementing companies with customised system solutions from PV power plants to rooftop systems for the PV industry.

HIK cabling and interconnection solutions for the PV industry

  • Europe’s leading manufacturer and control cabinet manufacturer for PV
  • High-quality components and solutions for greater efficiency
  • Design and development of special solutions such as storage systems, floating PV, monitoring systems

Hygiene and Food Industry

Hygiene and Food Industry

Cable routes for clean processes
in the hygiene industry

Whether in the private sphere or in industrial food production, hygiene products can no longer be ignored. For their production, however, a large number of legal requirements must be met some of which also apply to the cables used.

HIK supplies manufacturers and operators of machinery and plants in the hygiene and food industry with customised cable solutions that enable them to make their production processes totally hygienic and in compliance with the law.

HIK products for the clean room and food industry

  • customised cables with clean room approvals
  • comprehensive outgoing goods tests in the test laboratory
  • comprehensive support in the specification of the required solution

Automation Technology

Automation Technology

Conductor sets and assemblies for all challenges
in automation

In order to be able to react in the best possible way to market changes and thus maintain their position in the market, manufacturers of modern automation systems need innovative cable solutions and flexibly configurable assemblies.

HIK has the necessary know-how and capacity to develop, manufacture and integrate the optimum solution into their existing processes together with their customers from the automation technology sector.

HIK Solutions and Products for Automation Technology

  • innovative cable solutions for the requirements of modern automation systems
  • comprehensive consultation for the development of application specific solutions
  • digitally supported engineering and digitalised manufacturing

Airport Technology

Airport Technology

System Cable Solutions for smooth processes
during baggage handling

The technical requirements for components used in handling systems in the airport industry are among the most demanding challenges in modern automation.

HIK has been working for many years for manufacturers and operators of airport technology, supplying them with customised cable solutions that not only ensure smooth processes on site but also reduce process costs.

HIK Cable Solutions for the airport industry

  • versatile drive technology application solutions
  • customised cable solutions for your needs
  • many years of expertise in engineering and manufacturing

Medical Technology

Medical Technology

System Cables and assemblies for innovative products
in modern medicine

Modern medicine is continuously developing and with it, the technical demands on manufacturers of medical technology products such as space-saving system cables or functional assemblies, are also growing.

HIK has a unique know-how in the medical field and has been developing trend-setting solutions to customer specifications for many years. Our system cables and assemblies guarantee perfect operation and ensure a long service life.

HIK Services and Products for medical technology

  • cost-effective system cables and assemblies for medical products and devices
  • decades of experience in production and documentation
  • quality-tested assemblies and cable solutions to customer specifications