Custom made wire set production
for control cabinet manufacturing

In the industrial era 4.0, control cabinet construction demands customized solutions, short delivery times, maximum flexibility and consistently high quality. Due to a shortage of skilled workers as well as manual and time-intensive work processes, however, the requirements can hardly be met.

„A circuit diagram has an average of 400 pages that have to be flipped through several times during wiring.“

Complexity meets HIKwire - with HIKwire, we offer customers from various industries digitalized, fully automated wire set production. Here, all process-relevant steps are digitized, thus ensuring a continuous data flow: From design to inquiry to series production. Your added value: A significantly more time- and cost-efficient overall process in the wiring of your control cabinet with improved competitiveness and maximum economic efficiency.

„The savings potential through preassembled wire sets including labeling is up to 50 %.“

The future of control cabinet construction starts now
Reach your goal faster with preassembled wire sets

Significantly more control cabinets with the same capacity

The use of our automatically produced wire sets results in time savings in your production. Manual assembly is no longer necessary, which helps you to counteract the current shortage of skilled workers in the electrical industry. Freed capacities can be used for activities with higher added value.

Increased speed in the overall process

From construction, master data maintenance, supplier selection, and procurement to work preparation, production, and quality control, the entire order throughput time in your control cabinet manufacturing is reduced. Decisive time and logistics savings with a corresponding increase in productivity can be achieved thanks to the elimination of manual work steps, intermediate storage and transport.

80 % time savings along the value chain

Thanks to the automation of all processing steps, such as cutting to length, stripping, labeling, crimping, etc., ready-to-plug-in wire sets can be wired directly without time-consuming reading of the circuit diagram. This reduces internal assembly work to a minimum, speeds up logistics and reduces the risk of errors.

Continuous high quality thanks to automation

The continuous data transfer minimizes sources of error, as no manual inputs are required at the machine. Fully automatic production guarantees reproducible, continuously high quality. Crimp height and pull-out force measurement are integrated.

Reduction of overhead costs and optimization of planning

The entire process is simplified, from article creation and release, procurement, placement, picking, work preparation, and production to inspection. The ability to plan increases. Overhead costs are reduced. Competitiveness increases.

Complexity reduction thanks a complete solution package

From plausibility checks, design, procurement, storage, order preparation, manufacturing, quality control to delivery, HIK is your one-stop shop. The advantages: Time savings, reduction of process costs (overheads), storage locations, order and picking items.

Time savings thanks to production-oriented bundling routines

Perfect wire bundles for manufacturing are delivered sequentially in the correct order by bundling the wires.

Competitive advantage thanks to single wire marking

Due to the (fully) automatic production process, all wires are individually labeled according to the desired specifications.

Faster wiring thanks to wire assemblies with individual labeling

For easier and faster wiring, required information such as start and destination points can be printed on the individual wires. Reading the circuit diagram is no longer necessary.

Professional appearance thanks to sorting

Sorted bundling of the wire sets creates a tidy and clear appearance in the wiring channel.

Perfect results thanks to wire end treatment of the highest quality

Automated cutting to length, stripping and crimping produce perfect results in the shortest possible time.

Cost optimization thanks to ultrasonic compaction

Ultrasonically compacted copper wires combine the properties of a rigid wire with the advantages of flexible wires The manufacturing process results in a further cost saving of around 15 %.

Correct bundling thanks to automatic chain formation

Our intelligent chain calculation automatically bundles all interlinked wires sequentially in the correct order and, if necessary, provides them with double ferrules.


DMXDigitise your value added chain

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Digitalised conductor set production

Automationin Control cabinet manufacturing

Look into the future of control cabinet manufacturing with us and discover the advantages of digitalised automation.

Everything from one source
The HIK performance promise

Significant time saving

By using ready-to-use wire sets from HIK, the time required for wiring can be reduced by 50 %.

High economic efficiency

Thanks to the complete automation of the production steps, it is possible to produce economically from batch size 1.

Higher process reliability

Individual, automated labeling and processing of the wires ensure maximum process reliability during wiring.

Consistent quality

An integrated quality monitoring tool ensures consistently high quality of the wire sets produced.

Visible cost savings

Optimizing the value chain saves resources and internal capacities.

Complete customized solution

Thanks to our extensive know-how and automation expertise, production is carried out according to customer requirements, from automatic data transfer to procurement of materials and delivery.

was yesterday.

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Automatedwire set production

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