E-Mobility Solution EVtap®


One system - many possibilities: EVtap® includes all components needed for charging electric vehicles. These are available in many versions and can be configured individually. Whether wallbox, charging pole, EV charging cable or distribution box: EVtap® system components are compatible with most car brands and applications.

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Powerful charging

Through temperature monitoring and battery-optimised charging, the EVtap® system components ensure single or three-phase AC fast charging up to 22 kW.

Maximum compatibility

Wallboxes, charging stations, EV charging cables and distribution boxes: EVtap® system components are compatible with most car makes and applications.

Individual versions

Whether power class, cable length or accessories: EVtap® system components are available in many versions and can be individually configured.

User-friendly operation

From the evaluation of the charging history to user management and configuration of the charging power: EVtap® system components can be operated via the EVtap Connect App.

EVtap® Charging stationfor electric and hybrid vehicles

Whether at home or in the company: The EVtap® wallboxes of the Smart series with 11 kW or 22 kW charging capacity convince with easy handling, increased safety, intelligent accessories and an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Attractive complete package

High-performance components and high-quality design surfaces make our EVtap® charging stations a popular charging solution in the private and public sector.

Safety features

Integrated temperature monitoring, voltage fluctuation protection and DC fault current detection ensure that your battery is comprehensively protected for optimal use.

App control

With the EVSE Master App, you can conveniently control your charging with your smartphone, evaluate your charging history or configure charging power.

Nationwide funding

With the new KfW funding initiative "Charging stations for electric cars - residential buildings (440)", you can secure funding of € 900 for your private charging station.
Smart charging solutions

EVtap®Web Special

Detailed information about the EVtap®
system components can be found in the EVtap®
web special.

You can find the answers here.

Download FAQs as a PDF

AC-Charging cableFor electric vehicles

Our AC charging cables are suitable for fast AC charging with up to 22 kW. They can be used in the private sector as well as by manufacturers of wall boxes and control boxes.

Different areas of application

EVtap® AC charging cables can be used at public charging stations as well as wallboxes in private areas

High compability

EVtap® Mode-3 Type 2 charging cables are compatible with most electric and hybrid vehicles

Maximum robustness

EVtap AC® charging cables are characterized by their mineral oil and biodiesel resistance as well as high impact, pressure and roll-over resistance

Standard-compliant solutions

The individual components of the EVtap® AC charging cable meet the requirements of IEC 62196-2 (plug and connector) and IP54 (with protective cap)
EVtap® Ladekabel

One charging cable.Many variants.

Ready to plug in or as a variant for device assembly; in neutral design or individually refined. For 11kW or 22kW networks: With us you get exactly the charging cable solution that perfectly suits you and your requirements.

steckervertige kabel.jpg

Typ-2 charging cable

for connection to public charging stations or private wallboxes

Typ-2 connector with open cable end

for manufacturers of wall boxes

CEE-/Schuko-plug with open cable end

for manufacturer of control boxes

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IndividualizedAs OEM product

With our comprehensive OEM services, we offer you to manufacture or label your connectors according to your individual specifications. Contact us: by e-mail, by phone or using our contact form.

E-Mail: info@hik-solutions.com
Tel.: +49 6068 9314-30

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