Low pressure injection moldingfor temperature sensitive components

We manufacture temperature-sensitive electrical and electronic components such as plugs, sensors or circuit boards in low-pressure injection molding processes according to customer specifications. In-house production on our own machine enables us to produce small quantities or even prototypes quickly and cost-effectively. The components we manufacture reliably withstand external influences such as humidity, dust and vibration and perform excellently in temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +200 °C.

Robust Components

Our IP-compliant components have a high thermal and mechanical resistance and offer protection against electric shock and external environmental influences

Lower overall costs

The wide range of materials, high production speed and durable components ensure lower costs throughout the entire life cycle.

Comprehensive support

In the area of HIKmold®, we offer comprehensive support from CAD design and prototype construction to series production.

Customised solutions

We meet customer-specific requirements with an experienced and competent team as well as comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.

Gentle molding process

Our assemblies are the result of a perfect blend of requisite cycle time and pressure
HIKmold Solutions

Individual Connector Solutionsfor specific customer requirements

Our low pressure injection molded components are the result of specific customer requirements regarding form, flexibility & functionality. As part of a complete connector solution, they offer maximum protection for sensitive electronic components and are characterized by total impermeability and high tensile strength even in extreme environments.










Circular connectors M8/M12


Cable splitters

Formed parts in the low-pressure process

Simplify the assembly andprotect your cable constructions

See how quickly and easily assembly-friendly and robust molded parts are created using the low-pressure process.


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